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James Henry Arruda taught himself to read at 92 and wrote and published a book at 96.

For those faced with a struggle, Captain James Arruda Henry's story is nothing short of inspirational.

The 98 year old retired lobsterman has become a first-time author, having written and published his autobiography after learning to read at the incredible age of 91.

And his manuscript, entitled ' In a Fisherman's Language', even has Hollywood calling.

Mr. Henry's granddaughter, Marlisa McLaughlin, told the station how he used tricks, like waiting for others to order at restaurants first, or asking waiters how much he owed at restaurants, to avoid the issue.

A family dispute in his 90s, she said sparked his initiative reclaim his education.

'He signed a document he could not read about where he was going to go live,' Ms McLaughlin said, declining to offer further detail.

And then, after hearing about George Dawson, a son of slaves who learned to read at age 98 and went on to write a book of his own, entitled 'Life Is So Good' at age 101-Mr Henry took up reading

'I said if he can do it, I'm gonna try,' Mr Henry said. Starting with his name, he eventually moved on to the ABC's and children's books.

He put them down for four years after the tragic loss of his wife. Nut eventually he went back to reading and with the help of his tutor, began to log his life.

Fisherman becomes author at 98

When Captain James Arruda Henry first wrote his book it was a type of personal journey for him. A journey which has now taken him beyond where he ever imagined he could go.

Literacy is much more than a convenience

Literacy is the key that opens the door to economic 

and personal achievement

Assemblyman James Healey, Nevada District 35, presents the State of Nevada Proclamation Award to Dondino for his Humanitarian work and his contribution to the fight for Literacy through the Read To Me Foundation.

Assemblyman Healey and Dr. Jeff Geihs, Turnaround Zone Director for Clark County School District have teamed up with Read To Me Foundation in the fight for literacy. Through the wonderful partnership proposal created by Dr. Jeff Geihs and his staff, Read To Me Foundation in association with CCSD Turnaround Zone Pre-K and elementary schools will seek sponsorship from individual, corporate and business owners to enable bilingual children books to be dedicated and donated to the designated Turnaround Zone Schools under the direction of Dr. Jeff Geihs.

Read To Me Foundation is so honored to be selected to participate with Dr. Geihs, staff and CCSD for such a great partnership program. It is the desire of all participating partners to target the first delivery of bilingual (English-Spanish) children books to the designated Turnaround Zone Schools by March 2014.

United College Action Network HBCU College Fair in Las Vegas

Dr. Jeffrey Geihs at the 14th Annual HBCU College Fair. 3rd College Fair in Las Vegas

Our great nation of America began it's reliance on literacy in the 18th century, when reading and writing were taught to all soldiers and military personnel. Generals understood that if soldiers could read and write in a common language, their ability to train and operate as an effective force was greatly enhanced. To each soldier, literacy meant the freedom to become the best he could be and, quite literally, it might save his life.

Conversely, the practice of slavery used illiteracy as a virtual prison to keep people from understanding and achieving their human potential. The unconscionable slavery laws are long gone, but anyone who cannot speak and write English today is functionally enslaved; unable to participate as full members of our society. This is not the American dream that the rest of the world envies. Our children, our adults and our country deserve much, much better.

Please read these facts very carefully: According to recent federal reports --

(1) Department of Justice

(2 ) Journal of American Medical Association

(3) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

(4) U.S. Department of Education

(5) Washington Literacy Council

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