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Readtomefoundation"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader"

Read To Me Foundation donates 1,000 bilingual books

Interview by Stacy Becker, staff writer for Times Herald, Dubuque, Iowa with Peggy Hanniford, Operation New View Community Action Head Start Program about the 1,000 children book donation to the chari...

Read To Me Foundation would like to thank all the Literacy Angels who have supported our Literacy Mission and ask for your continuous help!


Parents have a role in helping their children develop not only the ability to read, but also an enjoyment of reading.

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island"

Turn off the tube and

*Teach by example. If you have books, and around your house, and your child you reading, then your child will learn that you value reading. You can't over-estimate the value of .

*Read together. is a great activity. It not only teaches your child that reading is important to you, but it also a chance to talk about the , and often other will come up. Books can really open the lines of between and child.

*Hit the . Try finding library or interests in your family's or child's life, and then reading them together. For example, read a book about going to the prior to your child's next , or get some seashore life after a trip to the coast. If your child is obsesses with dragons, ask your librarian to recommend a good dragon novel for your child.

There are many ways to include reading in your life, starting in babyhood, and through the teen years. Focus on literacy activities that your child enjoys, so that reading is a treat, not a chore.

"A reader today...a leader tomorrow"

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